About Loddon Homes

Loddon Homes Limited is a provider of social and affordable housing in Wokingham, accredited with Homes England in 2016 as a For-Profit Registered Provider. Loddon Homes works in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) to provide high quality housing through land led development opportunities as well as Section 106 and open market acquisitions.  Loddon Homes  commits to providing housing that is of a high standard, fit for purpose and built by partners that share our vision and values.

Loddon Homes forms part of a group of companies that are wholly owned by Wokingham Borough Council (WBC), to provide additional housing and public services within the Borough.

As a resident of a Loddon Homes property, you can be assured that we will work to ensure your home is well managed and maintained, and that you can be proud of where you live.

Make a stand pledge

The Local Housing Companies are committed to the prevention of all forms of domestic abuse, as part of this stand we have signed up to the CIH Make a Stand Pledge. Details of how you can access help and assistant are available here.


Information regarding GDPR can be found here.

Housing Ombudsman Complaint Code Self-Assessment

In July 2020 The Housing Ombudsman published its Complaint Handling Code. The new Code promotes the progressive use of complaints, providing a high-level framework to support effective handling and prevention, alongside learning and development. It also ensures that complaint-handling data is being used consistently across landlord members, promotes engagement at different levels within a landlord, and sets out expectations for boards (or equivalent governance), senior executives and frontline staff.

The Ombudsman expects landlords to carry out regular self-assessment of their complaints process against the Code and to take appropriate action to ensure their complaint handling is in line with the Code.  Landlords are expected to report the outcome of their self-assessment to their board members and to make it available to the public. (In the case of local authorities, self-assessment outcomes should be reported to elected members.) Loddon Homes has also shared the Assessment with Wokingham Borough Council as Managing Agent, with Local Housing Company Board members and with staff.

If you would like to read our first self-assessment, it can be viewed here.

We have completed our most recent self-assessment and made it available to the public here.

Our Complaints Policy can be viewed here.

How do I apply for a Loddon Homes property?

All applications for Loddon Homes properties are made through the Wokingham Borough Council housing register.

Click here for further information.

Who will manage my Loddon Homes property?

The management and maintenance of all Loddon Homes properties will be undertaken by WBC’s Tenant Services team who work closely with Loddon Homes to ensure the standards we set are being met.

Sometimes additional services where our residents need extra care and support is provided by Optalis,  a Council owned care and support company.

Further Information

For further information about Wokingham Housing Limited and upcoming developments please visit wokinghamhousing.co.uk.

The Loddon Homes Board

Loddon Homes Limited is overseen by an independent Board of directors. The Board’s role is to provide strategic direction for Loddon Homes, as well as ensuring that objectives are being achieved, customer satisfaction targets are met and that as a company Loddon Homes is performing well against its key performance indicators. Appointment to the Board is based on an individual’s knowledge and skill set in the housing sector. Where possible Loddon Homes will always strive to have a tenant representative on its Board, as it does currently, to ensure that we remain a customer focussed organisation.

*Non-Executive Director