Annual Report to Residents 2023

75% of our residents say we are a ‘great’ or ‘good’ landlord

We’re pleased that all of our residents have now received a copy of our 2023 annual report, which provides essential information on our performance for the financial year 2022/23, as well as information about what we are doing in 2024 to address the issues that matter to our residents.

The current economic climate and national focus on housing has impacted both households and their landlords. The report highlights our commitment to creating thriving communities, by delivering good quality, sustainable housing to our residents who make them their homes.

We also remain committed to providing safe and supportive accommodation for residents with more specialist housing needs, working closely with Wokingham Borough Council and our partner care providers.

Resident engagement

One of the best ways we can improve our services is through resident engagement and interaction. We want to encourage and increase resident involvement and will be creating more opportunities for our residents to become involved in what we do over the coming year.

We see the sharing of information about your home and the area where you live as an essential part of our commitment to residents, and our Annual Report forms a vital part of this commitment.

We’re currently recruiting for a Resident Board member. Find out more HERE.

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You can download a copy of the report HERE.

“I love it at Loddon Homes – thank you.”

A happy resident at Fosters Extra care Supported Scheme