Transformation of former garage sites in Wokingham

Following the ongoing successful development of Phoenix Avenue, Wokingham Housing is pleased to announce two more affordable housing projects taking shape within the Norreys community.

The schemes at Elizabeth Road and Barrett Crescent are on Wokingham Borough Council owned land, where under-used derelict garages have been demolished to make way for brand new homes. The two three-bedroom houses at Elizabeth Road and two, two-bedroom maisonettes at Barrett Crescent are being built for shared ownership (part buy, part rent).

Development has already started with the foundations laid and the rest of the construction now springing up brick-by-brick.

The two projects have been made possible through a combination of commuted sums (paid by a developer to the Council, where the size or scale of a development triggers a requirement for affordable housing, but it is not possible to achieve appropriate affordable housing on site) and Government grant from the Homes and Communities Agency.

The build is being executed by Francis Construction who were appointed as part of a competitive tender process.

Bill Flood, Managing Director of Wokingham Housing said, “As Wokingham Borough Council’s housing development company, our main aim is to build social and affordable housing for local people on the housing register. The developments at Elizabeth Road and Barrett Crescent are part of the Council’s and WHL’s strategy to deliver a number of housing projects across the Borough that better uses Council-owned land.

“In total we are building over a 100 homes across the Borough, which will be largely completed by April next year. Thereafter we intend to have an on-going supply of at least 50 to 70 new homes for local people every year.”

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