We are looking for a non-executive director to join our Board

We are looking for a resident Non-Executive Director (NED) to join our dynamic and friendly Board. If you are a Loddon Homes resident or shared owner and want to make a real difference to our residents’ lives and the communities they live in, then we would love to hear from you.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is a current Loddon Homes resident. We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative, and committed person; someone who will bring fresh perspectives to our discussions and can bring diversity to our Board in terms of cultural background, identification, ability, gender or age. No previous experience or specific qualifications are needed – all we ask for is commitment to the role, a keen interest in everything that Loddon Homes does, and a willingness to contribute to all aspects of decision making.

Don’t worry if you have no experience of working within a corporate environment or don’t have all the core competencies listed, we will train you in whatever areas you need. The main requirement for this role is that you are willing to engage enthusiastically and have a real passion for making Loddon Homes the best landlord we can be for all our residents. We are offering an attractive remuneration package of £3,000 per annum plus reasonable expenses. If you are in receipt of welfare benefits we can set out what this might mean for you.

About us

Loddon Homes is part of a group of companies that are wholly owned by Wokingham Borough Council (WBC). We are a modern provider of social and affordable housing in Wokingham. Registered with the Regulator of Social Housing in 2016 as a For-Profit Registered Provider, Loddon Homes generates a financial return for the Council which is invested back into communities and services throughout the Borough. We provide high quality housing for local people, built by partners that share our vision and values, and everything we do is aimed at delivering first class services for our residents.

Our values

Our values form a central part of our culture and how we work with residents, employees, partners and stakeholders. All members of the Loddon Homes team, whether NEDs, staff or volunteers are expected to behave in ways that are consistent with our values.

  • We are Accessible to our customers
  • We are an organisation with Integrity who treats our customers fairly
  • We strive to be Efficient in our service offering and designs
  • We are Collaborative, working closely with partners and customers
  • We deliver Quality services, whilst expecting quality services and products from our contractors

Board roles & responsibilities

Our Board is responsible for ensuring the success of Loddon Homes by setting and monitoring our strategic direction, by providing oversight, support, and constructive challenge to the association’s management, and by ensuring our compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations.

The Board comprises seven members: the Managing Director as executive director, three independent NEDs who are appointed based on their knowledge and experience within the social housing industry, two councillor nominees from Wokingham Borough Council, including the Chair; and one resident NED.

All NEDs are expected to develop a strategic (not operational) understanding of the business of housing associations so as to effectively contribute to our discussions and help enable the Board to determine the vision and strategy of Loddon Homes. Training and support will be provided where needed to empower the successful candidate to fully contribute to the work of the Board.

Board meetings take place bi-monthly during office hours and usually last about two hours. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Board meetings have taken place online and will continue to do so until we have fully transitioned back to working in the office, and we will make sure you have the right equipment and technology to be able to participate.

The role of the Resident Non-Executive Director

Resident engagement plays a vital role in meeting our aims to increase resident satisfaction, and to provide high quality homes and housing services. The role of the resident Board member is to make sure the voices of our residents inform how we shape Loddon Homes. We want to be certain that our residents’ views and opinions are heard right at the top; that’s why we have a resident Board member. Resident Board members help us to see where and how we can improve our services; they participate in Board meetings so that they can influence the work we do, provide challenge and different perspectives to management, as well as many other unique functions and events.

Personal attributes

There are many qualities needed in a housing association Board member. The successful candidate for our Resident NED post will bring personal qualities and behaviours from their own experiences to help shape our future priorities and the services we deliver. To be a good Board member, all you need to do is be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask questions, look at the bigger picture and be objective. We are looking for a resident who:

  • Has wide-ranging views on what our residents need and how we can continually improve our services
  • Wants to make a positive contribution in the community and represent our residents on the Board
  • Has a real interest in customer engagement and participation
  • Is able to attend 6 Board meetings a year (held during office hours)

Lee Newton, our current Resident Non-Executive Director

Lee Newton joined Loddon Homes’ Board of directors as a NED right at the start of our exciting journey in 2015. He was actively involved in Loddon Homes’ registration process and final awarding of our For-Profit Registered Provider status with the Regulator of Social Housing. As well as being an involved resident for Wokingham Borough Council, throughout his tenure on our Board Lee has been involved in the approval for some ten new developments of affordable housing in Wokingham Borough. He also sits on Loddon Homes’ Audit & Risk Committee, providing governance and scrutiny guidance to the organisation. Lee provides invaluable resident insight on matters that directly affect residents such as engagement & empowerment, health & safety and the quality of our services.

Core Competencies required of all Board members

Self-management: Prepare for and attend meetings, reading the Board papers provided beforehand; use power appropriately; respect confidences.

Leading and motivating: Demonstrate commitment to the purpose of the organisation both inside and outside Board meetings; maintain a high standard of conduct; strive to improve personal performance and that of the team; focus on learning and not on blame, providing both encouragement and constructive challenge.

Directing strategy: See long-term implications and take a broad overview; spot opportunities or possibilities; contribute to activities that involve planning, controlling and monitoring; contribute to setting and prioritising objectives.

Analysing and scrutinising: Able to read information (including financial reporting) and pick out the key issues; seek to clarify any ‘grey’ areas; explore the consequences of a proposal or action.

Able to make decisions as part of a group: Influence others through persuasive discussion, confronting or challenging without appearing aggressive and giving reasoned, thought-through contribution.

Team player: Support the Board’s vision for the organisation; develop and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, offering both support and challenge in a way that is constructive and collaborative; be aware of the effect of your own personality on others and manage this sensitively to get the best from interactions with others.

Influencing and relationship building: Build relationships and act as a positive influence on different stakeholder groups; ensure your own behaviour reflects the values of the organisation in meetings with different audiences.

Self-development: Be open to and demonstrate learning; seek opportunities for exposure to new thinking, experiences, and insights to improve your own ability/contribution.

How to apply

Please send us your up-to-date CV and a covering letter explaining why you are interested in joining our Board  Tell us about yourself and why you are interested in this opportunity. If you need any help with your CV, we can send you a template and some useful tips to help you write it.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application within 24 hours (if you don’t hear from us within this time, please do let us know so we can check).

Candidates who are shortlisted will be invited to attend an online interview during the week commencing 28 February 2022 with our Chair, Shahid Younis; our Managing Director, Nigel Bailey; and our current Resident NED, Lee Newton.

The closing date for applications is Monday 21 February 2022

Please download the brochure HERE.